Supports for assembly


 - Panel in Gatorfoam®





It is considered the best support for mounting prints on photographic paper and Fine Art.
Light, stiff and with an exceptional flatness, it is available in the thicknesses of 10 mm. and 19 mm.

The edges, well-finished in white or black, allow getting a beautifully finished object ready to be hung even without a frame. A blind hole is made on the back of the panel and a hanger is set to allow hanging the print on the wall without seeing the hanger.


- Pvc high density panel, 5 mm. thick


It is available in white or black. It is the most economical support for mounting prints; because of its chemical composition it cannot be used in conjunction with cotton fiber sheets of paper. It tends to deform in time; we recommend using it only for short-term applications, in small dimensions or for prints that need to be framed.


- Panel in Dibond®

Composite panel consisting of two aluminum foils of thickness 0.30mm with a polyethylene core that makes it 2 mm thick in total.
Thanks to its particular constructive structure, it manages to keep flatness of the surface without deforming in time or under sudden thermic changes. Not being finished on the edges, it is suitable for mounting prints that need to be framed. The corners are particularly delicate and in the event of a collision they deform easily. Therefore, the shipment of photos larger than 70x100 takes place in wooden packaging that may increase the cost of shipping.


- Wooden frame




It is used for mounting prints on canvas, thus obtaining an object perfectly well finished and ready to be hung. The edges of the frame may have a thickness of 17, 30 or 45 mm and are covered with printed canvas what adds the finishing touches to the sides of the panel that can then be exposed without a frame. The thickness of 17 mm. is used for images that must be continuously framed or for small prints. The canvas is stretched out till reaching the back of the frame where it is secured with staples. The hanger is fixed on the back to be able to hang it. The frames are custom-designed; therefore there are no fixed dimensions or particular limitations.

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