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Thank you for visiting the website Privacy and protection of personal data of our visitors and customers are for Fabrizio Pescali Photography a value to be protected in compliance with the provisions of the law. Therefore, our Privacy Policy describes the purposes and methods of processing data adopted by us, and aims at providing visitors of the website, either users of the site or clients, with clear and complete information about it as required by law.

By accessing and using the website, you admit having carefully read the Privacy Policy of Fabrizio Pescali Photography and accepting the purposes and methods of data processing described herein. If you consider inappropriate to accept this Privacy Policy, please leave the website.


Holder of the data processing and place where is processed

The holder of processing the personal data provided or collected during the consultation of this site (as described in the typology of data below), according to the D. Law. 30 June 2003, n. 196 (herein the "Privacy Code"), is Fabrizio Pescali, Corso Magenta 48, 20123, Milan. The processing of such data is carried out at the above-mentioned office of Fabrizio Pescali Photography.

Personal data processed and purpose of processing

During the consultation of this site, due to the typical Internet navigation techniques, some navigation data is acquired, that is to say, information about the user or visitor of the site such as IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP), characteristics of the consultation in terms of access to sections, date and duration of the consultation, and other parameters related to the operating system and computer environment of the user, without personally identifying the user: these navigation data will be only used for statistic purposes and research on the access to the website.

Furthermore, Fabrizio Pescali Photography collects and processes information that constitutes personal data (such as name, address, telephone use, details of payment instruments, email address) through the site with the purpose of registering the user to the website or to special programs, granting the registered user access to specific sections of the website such as his/her account profile, comments, or to any other service offered online and requested by the user, or in case the user wants to participate in any competition, promotional initiatives or surveys available through the website


In particular, user’s personal data and/or data that identify the user as customer of Fabrizio Pescali Photography, email address and password, are processed during the purchase procedure through the site. This personal data is collected and processed for the above-mentioned purposes activated on user’s request.

Fabrizio Pescali Photography will be able to use the user’s data even while browsing the site, for analysis aimed at obtaining feedback on his services or products, website, or other profiles of commercial activity of the user as such and/or as customer of Fabrizio Pescali Photography.

Fabrizio Pescali Photography would also like to provide users of the website and/or his own clients with any necessary or useful information in relation to products currently offered or that may be supplied in the future, and will use some personal information of the user to send news related to promotional initiatives aimed at offering special opportunities or conditions to acquire its own products, or related to any other initiative of Fabrizio Pescali Photography. The data may also be processed to fulfill legal obligations of Fabrizio Pescali Photography in all cases provided for in the Privacy Code.

Provision of data

Except for navigation data, which collection and processing is implicit in the browsing of the site for the purpose above mentioned, any other form of providing data such as collection and processing of personal data through the site, is freely activated on user’s request and aimed at proceeding with the request made by the user. Therefore, the related transfer of data is necessary to proceed with the user’s request.
Provision of personal data for receiving commercial or promotional information, by previous consent of the customer, is optional.


Our website uses "cookie" technology. Cookies are strings of encrypted text stored by a website on a user's computer. Cookies allow us to customize the site and adapt our offers to your needs, and also allow us to make the website navigation more interesting for you.
The cookies we use are known as "session" cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted every time navigation is stopped. Cookies are not used to track information about other websites visited by the user, or to get personal information. Cookies do not damage your computer, programs or files.

Methods of data processing

Data will be mainly processed by means of computer tools for collecting, recording, processing and transmitting it. Processing of data will result in the recording of your data on our systems and on our databases for identification and preservation purposes. We have adopted specific security measures to ensure the privacy of data, and these measures will evolve over time in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Data is processed by data Processors appointed by Fabrizio Pescali Photography, such as other companies that provide Fabrizio Pescali Photography with technical and operational services based on specific agreements and contractual guarantees, and is also processed by the personnel of Fabrizio Pescali Photography in charge of this operation. Specific references related to specific methods or processing purposes (with the procedures set out in the section "Access Rights") will be provided and updated by competent Heads on user’s request.

Access rights

The user, in accordance with the Privacy Code, has the right to know what personal data is collected and processed by Fabrizio Pescali Photography, to check this data and obtain its correction, integration, updating and even the eventual cancellation, except for that data with storage requirements stipulated by the law. In order to do that, the user can send a registered letter to the "Privacy Manager Fabrizio Pescali Photography," to the following address: Fabrizio Pescali Photography - Corso Magenta 48 - 20123 Milan, or even send an email to the following email address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .