• The category  that I prefer amongst all as it  totally connects us to all    the magic that nature gives us.



  • This is the kind of photography that I amuse myself with when I can't go away due to my work commitments.



  • This section is almost almost entirely dedicated to the "Vasco da Gama" bridge in Lisbon, which has literally bewitched me


Flora & Fauna

  • This section is entirely dedicated to animals, plants and flowers in their natural habitat and captivity condition.


Welcome to Fabrizio Pescali’s photography Site.

With my shots I don’t try to copy the reality, but I try to show what perception I have of it, the feelings that overcome me when I look at the world through the lens of the camera.  What I try to do is frame a particular moment so that it will stay as it is forever even when all that I framed changes.
I try to touch the heart of the observer and make him feel what I feel. Every shot I take, a landscape, portrait or else, is just the crazy vision of a dreamer who tries to get across to the others, through the photography, the turmoil of feelings and emotions that make his head spin, the whirlwind of bright colors that get mixed up in his head, the Pindaric flight trapped in the mist of the absinthe.
I don’t take pictures for the ones who will check my technical skills, I take pictures for the curious people who will ask themselves “why” I took that shot.