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Welcome to my photography website, I have been considering the idea of creating a website for a few months now.

I wanted a space to pubblish my work in order to establish my reputation as photographer and why not, also to give people the opportunity to buy prints of the photos in my portfolio. This precise section you are reading now will also allow you to interact with me and with other users thanks to the possibility of directly commenting on every article I post.

By clicking on the headline of the news or on "more" you will open the page with the right article and after registering, you will be able to comment freely.

This interaction is really important to me because it is another way for us all to grow as photographers by exchanging comments and ideas, and why not, even constructive criticism that sometimes is much more important than compliments. I am not a professional photographer, I am an enthusiast like many of you that started from scratch and ended up fascinated enough by the world of photography as to completely change habits so that could be able to cultivate this incredible passion.

Now I spend my holidays seeking new locations to shoot instead of sprawling on a beach and relaxing, 3 years ago it was perfectly fine for me, but now I cannot conceive it anymore.Now vacation means taking a plane and leaving to spend 14 days shooting sunrises and sunsets, sleeping little or nothing but fully appreciating what Mother Nature has created. when I get back I am probably more tired than when I left physically speaking, but photography has the power to totally eliminate accumulated stress.

At the end, the mind is always much stronger than the body, so tiredness goes unnoticed.

I think I have talked enough, if you want go and take a look at the website and if you have time register and tell me your opinion.

Bye all,

Fabrizio Pescali

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